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Claims Submission Tips

Last Updated: October 25, 2018

Tips for filing a claim for compensation

We want to make sure your claim is processed as fast as possible. Next, we'll walk you through a series of questions and ask for any necessary documentation from you.

To start, here's an overview of the type of details we'll need in the following section.

What you'll need

Property Damage
  • Photographs
  • Itemized lists
  • Detailed repair estimates or invoices
  • Purchase records or receipts
Lost Wages

The amount of time you were unable to work due to personal injury; verification of lost time from your employer and/or payroll stubs showing your hourly or daily pay rate.

Food Spoilage

An itemized list of the cost and type of spoiled perishable food, with receipts or other documentation. (Photographs)


Hotel and restaurant receipts and car rental receipts.

Submitting claims

If you believe AEP caused a loss that you should be compensated for, please file a claim.

Filing online is fast and simple. Ready to get started? File Claim

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